Demo-Conveyor Toaster with 1 1/2" Opening

$600.00 $525.00

Toast up to 350 slices of bread per hour to keep up with busy hours with the Star QCS1-350 conveyor toaster! This toaster utilizes convection heating and 1600 watts of power to toast bread, English muffins, buns, and more to the perfect crispiness and warmth, and the fast-recovery quartz infrared heaters ensure even heat distribution. The heavy-duty metal knobs and non-skid feet provide maximum durability right where you need it, while the easy-to-use control panel lets you adjust speed settings to obtain a customer's texture preference and the extended conveyor belt lets you toast more food at a time. Thanks to its innovative design, this conveyor toaster features a burn guard, cool exterior, 1 1/2" product opening, and heated exit area where food stays warm until it's ready to serve.